Offroad-Terrain Peckfitz - at the Wurzelsepp, about 30 km from the hotel

About 44 hectares of woodland, of which about 34 hectares are navigable. All difficulty levels are available, all obstacles can be reversed. Clay, sand, sand hole and water through.Driving may include quads, off-road vehicles and trucks up to 5 tonnes of permissible total weight. Strass approval is required. The site has been open daily. Prior telephone registration required under 039082/8518. Price: 15 Euro / day

The tourism association Altmark e.V. in Tangermünde has 76 members. He is the lobbying for all the tourist in the region. He represents his interests at the Landesebene and as a partner in the Tourism Marketing Saxony-Anhalt GmbH participates in the tourism development of the federal state.

Dammkrug Güssefeld
Horseback riding for children, Holidays for all ages, Cultural events in Güssefeld

Langobardenwerkstatt Zethlingen - Experimental Archeology, about 18 km from the hotel

On the Mühlenberg at the edge of the village Zethlingen is the museum-educational center of the Danneil Museum, the Langobardenwerkstatt. At this place, the Germans, who settled here about 2000 years ago, had laid out a burial-burial ground with urn burials. The archaeological excavations and archaeological experiments, which have been carried out in the past and are still being continued, serve to study the life of the ancient inhabitants of the ancient world.

Reitsport Diesterbeck - Sattler und Lederwaren seit 1886, ca. 30 km vom Hotel
Rudolf Breitscheidtstr. 4-6, 39638 Gardelegen, Tel.: 03907/41336 - the new online platform for riding tourism

For traveling with a horse, two things are essential: a horse trailer and a suitable towing vehicle. But which is the right trailer, which not only fits on horseback and rider, but also in the budget? Wood, polyester or rather robust aluminum? What to look for when buying a used one - private or at the dealer? What is an antichiral clutch and when does it help? How to care for trailer properly - high pressure cleaner yes or no? Even beautiful resorts are often only known to the local insiders - we want to try to imagine as many as possible.

Salzwedeler Baumkuchen - Baking at the open fire with guided tour and tasting in the Salzwedel Baumkuchenfabrik B. Henning.

Roflexs - mobile fences

Pferdewaerts - Seminars, training and coaching with horses, Fr. Anne Goldammer, Magdeburg